Past Committees

GCKA BOD 2016-17 Sign-Off 


It is with mixed feelings and sincere gratitude that we acknowledge: it has been an amazing journey for a year and our term has come to an end.

The responsibilities have been handed over to the incoming BOD and we wish them all the very best. It was indeed an honor and privilege to have served our community.
With unconditional support and unflinching devotion from all of our team members, we have believed, striven and worked towards fulfilling our vision throughout our tenure.
Yes!! There have been struggles, imperfections, triumphs and moments that have tested us time and again but we have given it our best.
We thank the entire community for the countless times we have reached out to all of you and for the overwhelming support we have received each time.
There have been situations where no amount of data or numbers would get you to the right answer.
There have been judgement calls for which the stakes were so high that there was no margin for error.
There have been days where majority's decision might not have been the right decision.
The choices we made were simply based on our vision, values and life experiences!!!
Our prime focus has always been to "serve, promote and celebrate" and in the end of it all; as the Mahatma said " service to mankind is a service to God !! "  

signing off with warm regards

Binu, Sathish, Heera, Dhanya, Mary, Bishu, Joel, Sini, Vinod


GCKA BOD 2015-16 Sign-Off 

It’s that time of the year again. We have reached out to you umpteen number of times regarding our various initiatives and activities which we carried during the course of our tenure. Thanks for the overwhelming support we have received from you to enable us to successfully complete our term.
We have tried our level best to present before you some quality events and we hope that you enjoyed the journey with us. We are confident that the incoming GCKA BOD team will take our organization to greater heights. We pledge our support to the new BOD in all their endeavors.
Once again our sincere thanks to sponsors, volunteers and the GCKA community as a whole for providing us an opportunity to serve you.
Signing off for the last time as your GCKA BOD,
Binoy K, Prabha J, Ajith S, Santy M, Sabin T, Praveen A, Rosely S and Visakhan K.
For Board of Directors

Ajith Sivadas,

Outgoing Secretary, GCKA


GCKA 2014-2015 Board of Directors Signing off 


As with all things good and beautiful, this journey should also end. We have now passed over the baton to willing and capable hands, and have concluded this leg of our journey. It was a pleasure serving the community and we thank you for the opportunity and appreciate your feedback throughout our tenure.

At the outset, we (the BOD) had signed ourselves up to dedicate our time this year for GCKA and accord it the highest priority. In retrospective, looking back at the year we feel good to have contributed to the community in our own humble way.

We will cherish the memory, the ‘bouquets’ and the ‘brickbats’, the interaction and the friends we made along the way. Our sincere thanks to our sponsors, the volunteers who helped us at every step, the past BODs and our friends within and outside the community.

We congratulate once again the new BOD and wish them the Best.
Au Revoir!

Abraham Jacob, Syam Sunder, Sherin Syriac, Varun Valsaraj, Suvidha Nair, Samuel N I, Ajith Zacharias, Shreedev Nair, Saritha Ayyyappan



For Board of Directors

Abraham Jacob,

Outgoing Secretary, GCKA

GCKA 2013-2014 Board of Directors Signing off 


We know we have troubled you all through the year with some pretty long-winded emails. Allow us the liberty one more time. We are signing off and we promise you that you won’t hear from us again – the BOD 2013-14 that is.

We are at the end of our ride and what a ride it’s been! The nine of us practically met as strangers. There wasn’t a single person who knew everyone else. But we learnt to know each other and we bonded as a team. The result was that we were able to deliver a year upon which we can look back with pride and satisfaction.

Those who went this way before us had laid some solid foundations, which made our job easier as we built upon them. As we stepped into our respective roles, we made no declarations, but knew that expectations rode high on us as a team. We just hope that we delivered.

All along the way, there have been some strong and willing hands that guided us, encouraged us and supported us in all our endeavors. Often when things seemed to look bad, the whole community stepped up to restore our faith and morale. For this, we are extremely grateful.

Time and again, we heard from non-community members (who attended GCKA events) about how great an association we belong to, how well organized we are, how supportive we are of each other and how respectful of artists we are. It was an honor leading such a highly regarded association for a year, and this is the legacy we are handing over to the incoming team. Looking at what a dynamic and dedicated bunch they are, we have the utmost confidence that they are only going to carry forth GCKA to greater heights. So here’s wishing them the very best and pledging them all our support!

We thank each and every one of you for trusting us with this great responsibility and for supporting us all the way!

And here’s signing off with a definite sense of pride and achievement, 

                       Princy, Shine, Sudheer, Remitha, Balu J, Wilson, Balu A, Vasu, and Dipu.


PS: In case you are trying to reach any of us, some of us might be busy reading, watching movies, vacationing, snoozing or simply catching up with life in general. The rest are sitting around with dazed looks on our faces, lost and wondering what to do with all the sudden spare time on our hands. But we’ll be around smiley.


For Board of Directors


Wilson Parayil,

Outgoing Secretary, GCKA

GCKA 2012-2013 Board of Directors Signing off !!!



"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" : Henry Ford

It is with pride, we the current BOD team, humbly believe that we have achieved what we had set out to do. This would not have been possible without the support of each and every one of you.


Year on year the bar has been raised continually as regards the nature, the quality and the variety of events on offer to the community and we believe we were able to push forth with an improved agenda and with a lot of momentum, enabling the strong incoming BOD team to get off to a winning start.


Reflecting on our achievements of the past year, we would like to pen down a few highlights, which we hope and believe, have provided special moments or strengthened the association.



Sports - The enthusiasm for Badminton, resulted in the first ever Badminton tournament being conducted successfully. The Volleyball tournament was also a strong success with a large pool of participants, including a Youth Team.


Silver Jubilee Celebrations and Social - Keeping in mind, the sense of history, the Silver Jubilee celebrations were successfully executed on a big canvas with a fantastic team of professional performers and a solid turnout.


Malayalam Class - A sizable Batch of 50+ students have being added to the Malayalam classes, a group of senior children certified in Basics and new Training materials procured through contact with the Malayalam Mission.


Senior Forum - A concerted effort was made to organize and institute the Senior Forum and to thank key Senior Members of our community during the social event. We hope this will enable more of the elders to come forward, participate, and support key activities of the subsequent generations.


Membership - A record number of members have been inducted during this term, not in least due to the new events on offer, as also due to strictly implementing the participation policy for most of the events as being restricted to members.


Cultural Policy Change - We would like to take this occasion to highlight the application of our policy of one chance per participant for the cultural events during Onam. We have had some great positive feedback from the community on this change, as we believe, it will help individual performers to concentrate on specific events and assist in driving the quality of the programs higher. It also helped in greater participation from the community on the cultural stage with a nearly record 225+ participants. We think all will agree to the Onam cultural extravaganza as being testimony to the success of this decision.


Apart from this, we had a successful Sprint Daze event, a fun Picnic event, ran a Food Collection drive and donated nearly 250 lbs of Food to the local Food bank, published the Souvenir, Calendar, and Newsletter and also added some valuable assets to the GCKA inventory.


Of course executing all these items comes at a substantial cost. We are happy to announce that we able to maintain a strong surplus in the GCKA account despite the big surge in activity costs over the past year. Our books have been audited and signed off by a 3 member Audit committee as per the GCKA by laws and we have successfully transitioned all accounts to the incoming BOD. We have also provided very detailed Documentation related to each event and activity performed in 2012-13, which will hopefully assist the new BOD team to plan and execute their tasks in a much easier manner.


We sincerely wish them all the best on embarking on a successfully journey of 2013-14.



This is Biju, Sabu, Sanjay, Prasad, Rajan, Monica, George and Baby Samuel signing off for 2012-13, along with a few moments to cherish, which we would like to share with all at this link

Thank you everyone and wish you all luck in your future endeavors. 


Thank you note from GCKA BOD 2011-2012


We began our term with the words, "Here we are, a lot of nine, chosen by you, all energized to render a fun filled 2011-12 for you." We assured you that we would try our best to live up to your expectations and asked for your support, guidance, help and feedback "to make beautiful things happen."

At the dusk of an eventful year as we reflect on the various events, we hope we have fulfilled our commitments and met your expectations. We, the 2011-2012 GCKA BOD, have no words to express our sincere gratitude. You have all been friends, guides, critics and most importantly well-wishers. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words and decided to put together this video snippet to re-live our tenure and recap the year that went by. Hope at the end of this video, you will share with us our sense of pride and achievement.


Please click here to access the video.


Some of the achievements that cannot be highlighted in a video but have definitely strengthened our community are:-


The release of the new website – A total redesign and development from scratch, data migration, testing and deployment was completed during our tenure.


Documentation/Process modeling – Softcopies of worksheets/process documents for tracking all aspects (food, cultural programs, front-desk etc) of all GCKA events have been transferred to the next BOD to ease their life while handling these events.


Budgeting/Accounting worksheets - An Excel Macros based spreadsheet solution for event wise budgeting and income/expense tracking process has been transferred to the new Treasurer.


Inventory management - A storage facility has been rented to accommodate GCKA’s increasing assets and an asset list has been created and handed over to the next BOD.


We are happy to report that even after taking up all these exciting endeavours, we are able to handover a strong surplus in the GCKA account. As per the new by-law amendments, our transactions have been audited and signed off by the incoming Nomination Committe. As a member you are entitled to receive an account summary at the end of each term, so please email for your copy.


We are proud to hand over the helm to a very efficient incoming BOD and are confident that the new team will take our community to the next level through their activities and engagements.


Thank you for the opportunity that we were given to serve you all….This is Vipin, Ajmel, Binu, Jose, Susan, Jansy, Cerish, Akhilesh and Jayaraj, the GCKA BOD for 2011-2012 signing off !!! 



Thank you note from GCKA BOD 2010-2011


GCKA BOD 2010-11 wish to thank you for the encouragement, support, and volunteerism during our term. Together with your help, we were able to undertake several projects including leadership development activities for the youth, library for Malayalam books, Malayalam class for members, and publication of calendar, quarterly newsletters and souvenir.

We were excited to see the increased participation in all GCKA social events. Free admission to the movies for youth and children also provided a boost to the turnout and promoted movies to the younger audience. We are also very thankful to the choreographers, participants and coordinators who put together amazing performances and also delighted the audience with several traditional cultural programs during Christmas and Onam celebrations.

We extend our thanks to all the sponsors whose generous contributions and sponsorship help fund several of the activities. Funds from Calendar and Souvenir advertisements, Movie sponsorships, Slide shows and program brochures help support these initiatives for the GCKA community. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Some of the undertakings still in the works include a proposal to amend the by-laws and redesign the website. We initiated the proposal to rectify some of the concerns and limitations noted by the outgoing BOD. Since we ran out of time to complete this process, we have left it to the incoming BOD to further review the by-law changes and complete the approval process. The project to redesign the website is 80% complete and has been partially paid for. The 2011-12 BOD will open up the site to the community soon after completion and final testing.

The handover meeting with incoming BOD took place on September 30th and an itemized account statement was presented and approved by incoming board members. We are happy to announce a 30% increase in the cash balance in GCKA balance sheet.

Please join us in welcoming the new board and continue providing your support to our organization.

Thank You

GCKA Board of Directors 2010-11